Ashygirl15 Shoutouts! (singers, YouTubers, etc.)

Welcome to Ashygirl15 Shouut-outs! It's where I try to give some publicity to some of my favorite artists (musical, acting, etc), YouTubers and more!

Here are my shout-outs!!
-PopularMMOs- PopularMMOs, or Pat has been a Minecraft YouTuber for over 3 years! His videos are hilarious and they leave you wanting more!
-GamingWithJen- You guessed it! GamingWIthJen's name is Jen! Jen is Pat, PopularMMOs wife and also posts on her channel! She's on almost all of Pat's vids, but makes her own sometimes (with Pat!)
-James Patterson- Patterson is the author of one of the best children's comedy book ever! The first book is SO good, it's been turned into a movie! Middle School The Worst Years of My Life! Others include, Middle School Get Me Out of Here, Middle School How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill, and Middle School Big Fat Liar.

And today's extra...

MANYA'S BLOG!!!- Manya is a blogger who is a good friend of mine! You can find her at...
Yeah, not a lot this time. I hope for more soon!


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