Acting DOs and DON'Ts

Acting DOs and DON'Ts

In case you don't know, I have started acting!!! So, I've decided to give some aspiring actors such as you guys, my fans, would find useful! Here is what to do and what not to do, if you are an aspiring actor like me!
1. DO dress nice to auditions! It shows the director that your serious about the play! 
2. DON'T be quiet with your lines, or even your audition songs and/or monologues! If the director or person at your audition can't hear you, they'll think you can't be loud during the real thing! So SPEAK UP!!!
3. DO remember, you're auditioning from the moment you walk in the room! So, smile and look confident! The director could already be deciding if you'd be better for Ariel or Ursula...
4. DON'T come unprepared! Even if it doesn't say to prepare... 16-32 measures of a song, or memorize a one minute monologue, have one down! They might give you something, but always be prepared!
5. DO use your space! Whether if it's a song or monologue, try to have a choreographed route made and ready to use! Go big or go home, LITERALLY! Using your space ups your chances or getting a part!
6. DON'T commit to a play or part that has something impossible for you! Like, don't audition for a play if the majority of the cast needs to know acrobatics... or gun experience. Chances are, you'd be one of them! And, even if it's a lead role, turn it down if you'll need to hold your breath for a minute (if you can't...)
7. DO learn the songs beforehand if its a musical, If you've never seen Annie or The Little Mermaid or Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast, LEARN THE MUSIC before auditioning! Look up a play soundtrack if you can!
8. DON'T stop looking at your lines! Especially if you're the lead! You gotta know all those words, no matter how many! And no matter what, don't go to your director at a rehearsal and say you can't do it! They won't consider you for ANYTHING ELSE!!

Those are some tips for my fellow acting buddies! We gotta stick together! 


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