Into the Woods (Playhouse Square)

Into the Woods

I'be recently seen Into the Woods at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio. The same one that they preformed on Broadway! If you've seen the movie and not the play, I feel bad for you! The play was AMAZING!

It's one of those shows where you think you know what's coming, but then you get something totally different! Every cast member is onstage at the same time and most members have more then one role! Like, Cinderella's stepmother and Jack's mom had the same actress, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel, the Cow and Rapunzel's Prince, Cinderella's Prince and the Wolf, you get the picture.

Also, the music isn't the same. The play is the original version and it includes some songs the movie excluded like, Our Little World, a duet by Rapunzel and the Witch, Agony (Reprise), still by the Princes, No More, sang by the Baker and Baker's Father, etc.

It's one of those plays you just REALLY wanna see again. The set was absulutely amazing! It had a piano right in the middle that a guy sat at and played and the cast moved it around and used it as a prop! Every cast member would be apart of the songs and would play an instrument if thwy weren't singing. 

Overall, I would seriously reccomend this play! It's great and the music is amazing! You'll just REALLY want to see it again when it's over and be astonished by all the hard work each cast member probably had to put into it in order to make the production possible.


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