Lab Rats!!!!

Lab Rats!

Okay, I know I kind of made a post about Lab Rats already, but that was just expressing my sadness and anger that it was canceled. THIS on the other hand is just how much I heart the show!

Lab Rats starts with Leo Dooley's mom, Tasha Davenport, marrying Donald Davenport. Tasha and Leo move into Davenport's house. Davenport's a multi-billionare with a huge ego ad love for his hair. Soon, Leo journeys to the mysterious basement where he then meets Adam, Bree, and Chase. Adam has super-strength and laser-vision, Bree has super-speed, and Chase has molecular kinesis and super-intellegance. 

It's really good. Lab Rats is hilarious and every word will make you crack up! It starts like an ordinary show with a different subject every episode, but eventually you meet Marcus, Douglas, and Victor Krane, Some ANTAGONISTS FINALLY. Then the suspense starts!!! I won't tell you anything about them...

Some secondary characters you meet are Eddy, who's a smart-home system that is practically Davenport's best friend. Eddy absulutely despises anyone BUT Davenport. You can say he hates Leo less, but still a disliking. Bree even tells Eddy he's evil which actually is very true. There's also Principal Perry who hates the Lab Rats and Leo! Always trying to prove there is something weird about them... which is true.

And since I know this show REALLY well and I just have the time, I'm gonna do a quick Pros and Cons. Caution, this MAY OR MAY NOT be my longest post.

1. It may seem like a show you won't like much at first, but it soon becomes a LIFE SOURCE.
2. The characters are real goofy and say the STUPIDEST things that are just HILARIOUS.
3. The storyline keeps you at the edge of your seat, whether it's pulling a little 'Star Wars' bit (I am your father) or being trapped in an avalanche, or a massive explosian, or just plain unexpected bits of stuff!
4. The realistic parts are TOTALLY relateable! School problems, crush problems, people in general problems, you can almost ALWATYS relate!
5. It's one of those shows that's perfectly imperfect! (I have a shirt that says that!) It doesn't need to get every little detail correct. It's just awesome the way it is!
6. Some antagonists are evil in s stupid way! Like Douglas, I'm not 100% sure if this is truely the case, but Douglas is practically evil cuz he's tired of living in Davenport's shadow and (correct me if I'm wrong) just wants to be recodnized for better or worse. (Seems like worse!)

1. Sometimes, something HUGE and IMPORTANT happens and it's just... WOW! But then, the next episode it's just like... pretend it never happened.
2. IT'S OVER!!! Peeps, we gotta get Disney XD making this again! Another season... I can see it now! Lab Rats: Bionic Hero! That's my idea! Do you agree?

Overall, it's a GREAT show that I REALLY love but sadly, is off the air, and Disney XD seriously does't show it on TV anymore! You gotta have Netflix or Watch Disney XD (I think) if you wanna watch it!


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