Percy Jackson: The Lightning Theif

The Lightning Thief

Oooh. This. Not the book, but the movie. You won't here this a lot coming from me, but join me in saying why Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief is the all time worst movie EVER!!

You'll only think this movie sucks as much as it does if you've read the book. "Which by the way, is AMAZING!) But this movie gets half a star!!! NOT EVEN!

This movie does not do mercy on Rick Riordan's franchise at all. It brings shame. It starts okay, but the fact is, Percy SHOULD be 12, yet he is about 17!! I've heard people say movies with 12 year olds fighting monsters won't attract crowds, but that's like saying Harry Potter didn't do well!

I mean, Annabeth isn't even blonde and, you can see the chemistry between Percy and Annebeth from day 1!!! TheY even completely mess up Grover's personality! Not to be rude, but I likes Grover a LOT more before he became BRAVE! 

I can't even express my rage about this movie. It deserves negative eight billion five thousand two hundred seventy three. I'm not even doing a long post because it's so bad, this movie can't even be put into words.

Anyone disagree? Anyone wanna help me point out any more problems? Let me know,


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