Anyone remember Gravity Falls? Only the BESTEST TV show (and cartoon) in the history of EVER? Well, long, long ago (two years) in a galaxy far, far away (known as the Milky Way) a genius man named Alex Hirsch decided to give his fans what they deserved: A chance to memorize every single strange creature of Gravity Falls along with the unknown thing... DIPPER'S REAL NAME. (Hint hint: It starts with "M" and has the same amount of letters as "Mabel.")

Enough chit-chat! Time for some REAL chit-chat!

There will be no character analysis because it has no characters other than Ford and 'F' (McGucket). They never say who either of them are. Until the end, of course.

First things first. Journal 3 is a great book to use as a field guide reference to the show. You'll really discover some things. Like, the deal with the "BEWARB" mosquitoes (told Ford to "BATCH OUT FOR WILL" hmmm...), what a 'Squash with Human Face and Emotions' is. It's even great if you didn't ever see the show! 

According to Alex Hirsch, it'll make you, 'confused, delighted, and horrified (in that order!)' And Grunkle Stan even likes it! He has reviewed it as, "This book is amazing! BUY IT TWICE!!!" And besides Grunkle Stan, R.L. Stine and  Guillermo del Toro reviewed it! We actually care about their opinions! (No offense to Grunkle Stan!)

All in all, this book really is amazing! There's even a cool mystery blueprint hiding in the cover! And skip this next sentence if you DON'T want to hear Dipper's real name.

Dipper's name is Mason Pines!

Okay, now go buy the book and experience the awesomeness!


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