Tay: The Taylor Swift Story

Tay: The Taylor Swift Story
 This is my first review that's actually on a nonfiction book, but it was really amazing so I thought I should share it! It's on Tay: The Taylor Swift Story by Jill Parker.

Okay, so anyone who loves Taylor Swift will absolutely ADORE this book! It talks about Taylor Swift in a story form with dialog so it's not like a normal biography! It's WAY  more fun to read!!

It starts telling basic info on Taylor, like her birthday and how she got her name. It really spends a lot of time on her young life before she started singing and it's just AMAZING! 

The majority of the book focases on Taylor's life before she became famous, like how her love of singing started, when she learned guitar, all that stuff. You'll actually feel like you're there, expiriencing her life with her in a Taylor Swift song!

All in all, I really reccomend this book! Its just phenominal and so amazing! Also read my other posts  please!


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