Taylor's Swift's New Album!!!

Hey guys! Remember my older post on Taylor Swift? Well, this is amazing news!!! You guys know who Ed Sheeran is, right?
Image result for taylor swift and ed sheeranHe's that guy next to Taylor! (SIngs Photograph, Shape of You, Castle on a Hill)

Well, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are like, BFFs, so... really recently, Ed Sheeran was at an interview. He was answering normal Ed Questions, then he leaked the release of Taylor's new album!

He said she'll be releasing new music around Christmas cuz with shopping it's a smart time for sales!

What We Know about TS6 
It will include at least one breakup song about Calvin Harris!!! (DUH!!)
The whole Swift-Harris relationship lasted about a year! Longer than most of Taylor's relationships! Obviously, we'll be getting a breakup song about him!!!
It may feature Drake
It's been rumored that Taylor's teamed up with Drake! Whether it's just to write music or he'll actually sing is unknown.
It may have a hip-hop sound
Taylor's always expirimenting with knew things! 1989 was a pop album, unlike her former country music. (Hopefully she'll stick with her country roots with at least one song!)

Please let me knnow if I missed anything important!


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